Marriage Argument

Welcome to my very first blog entry! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hopefully I’ll at least make this a weekly writing.

This week I’m writing on a paper on “gay marriage” for my Ministry Ethics class at Worship Arts Conservatory. I must have spent at least 20 hours reading all that is said about this complicated issue, including the Bible, pro-gay and anti-gay books, various websites, and I even watched a documentary film by gay activists called “I Can’t Marry You”. Of course, my belief is that the marriage that is pleasing to God is not based on hot romantic love nor pursuit of happiness, but on morality and holiness and responsibilities to family. I also believe in love and grace when dealing with this delicate issue. Hopefully I can condense my thoughts quickly into a 3-5 page paper because it’s due this Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Marriage Argument

  1. welcome Tim!! my fellowship talked about some about gay/lesbian stuff last Friday(and I wrote a xanga on it too), feel free to check it out… btw, the name of the pastor who did the speech was “So Wing Zhi”

    will pray for ya!!! :-)

  2. btw, I also have a handout of a list of scriptures in the Bible that stated God despite homosexual behavior, if you want i can send a copy to ya! :-)

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