Diner of the Disabled

“Then it happened that as Jesus was reclining at the table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were dining with Jesus and His disciples.” (Matthew 9:10)

Last night Wendy and I were having dinner at Carrow’s Restaurant in Campbell when we suddenly noticed something weird happening. Somehow everyone coming into the restaurant had some disability – one guy was on crutches, a couple old ladies who had difficulty walking, an old guy who kept mumbling to himself and apparently is mentally disabled, and even a blind dude came into Carrow’s. Then suddenly in the middle of their dinner, a man who’s on breathing tubes had to carry his wife out of the restaurant because she suddenly couldn’t breathe. It was surreal. Wendy and I were joking and saying that the food made them that way. But that dinner experience was a simple reminder that there are hurting people all around us. In His day, Jesus was called a “friend of the sinners.” I think that would be a good title for our lives to aspire toward if we want to go beyond WWJD and actually do it.


3 thoughts on “Diner of the Disabled

  1. yes… Jesus told His disciples that when we care for the least of the people, we are caring for Him.  But how many of us(including myself) are actually doing that…? are we even caring enough for our family/friends/brothers/sisters not to mention strangers…?? :-(

  2. At the Lord’s Supper, the disabled are invited to come and participate in the meal so that they can be comforted and healed. WWJD must include this aspect that tells us Christ has already set up a temporary meal for us and is guiding us towards the last meal at His return.

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