SOBEM TV: jnX India Trip

I kinda got excited this weekend because after waiting for almost six months, SOBEM (恩雨之聲) has finally announced the TV broadcast schedules of our most recent mission trip to India. It was a great experience going again to Northeast India with jnX ministering to Christians there in December 2004, and it was great that the SOBEM film crew went with us. I was surprised that out of the four episodes they announced, I would be featured in half of the last one. I hope you can catch all four episodes on TV. The detailed broadcast schedule is here:

Hopefully these TV programs will tell the world about the story of these suffering NE India Christians and to bring glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


One thought on “SOBEM TV: jnX India Trip

  1. praise the Lord… I’ll try to record those and try to ask my mom/sis/friends to watch them… I pray the Lord’s Spirit will touch them when they watch it……

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