Glorious Praise

“Sing the glory of His name; Make His praise glorious” (Psalm 66:2)

These days there are many online ratings and reviews. When you purchase stuff like from Amazon, you can give your own personal review of a product. I rent movies from NetFlix, and I enjoy giving ratings to movies I’ve seen.

If we are to have a way to rate our praise to God on Sunday, the Bible says that the rating should be based on how much glory we attribute to God — not how we did in the worship team, not how well (or how many!) people are singing, not whether we enjoyed the experience. Rather, we should ask, did we praise God such that we treat God a “10”? This is a much higher standard, because answering this question might reveal our own shallowness, our feign lips, our empty words, our selfish motives, our self-conscious attitudes, our undedicated hearts.

The Life Application Bible says: “the basis of praise is declaring God’s character and attributes in the presence of others. When we recognize and affirm His goodness we are holding up His perfect moral nature for all to see.”

The word “Make” in Psalm 66:2 is a command. I hope that as we gather together every Sunday in our churches, we all go expecting to make it our goal to praise our God so extravagantly such that when nonbelievers witness this, they will even be compelled to give God a “10”.

One thought on “Glorious Praise

  1. Amen! brother, amen! :-)
    as worship leaders, it’s also a challenge for us to help the congregation to give 10s to our GOD during worship (not to us or the band, but to GOD), WHILE we are giving God 10s ON the stage at the same time! :-)

    the MOST challenging aspect of praise and worship, though, is giving God 10s when we are OFF the stage and trying to worship Him in our everyday lives……….

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