He did it again

“Then he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel saying, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.” (Zechariah 4:6)

On Saturday night, joyful noise Xpress was invited to lead worship at Community Bible Church in San Mateo, and that night was an evangelistic meeting that’s conducted in Mandarin. That night instead of going on stage, I was responsible for behind-the-scenes ministry — running the sound board. We had enough time for the rehearsal so that we were all very relaxed. Before the meeting started, as we prayed together for the meeting, I felt God telling me that tonight even the nonbelievers would worship Him.

But then at 8:00pm, when the meeting was supposed to start, there were only like 15 people in attendance, including us! The leader of the church decided to delay the start of the meeting by 15-20 minutes as we prayed for the people who needed to come here to arrive soon. Finally about 50-60 people showed up… and later we learned that almost of all the nonbelievers that came, they came because they saw the event flyers, and this is unusual because most of the time people came because of friends, but I digress…

As jnX led worship, I was trying to see how the people responded. I didn’t really see much outward expressions from the congregation, however I’m reminded then that sometimes people could be worshipping inside, so I was not discouraged. I also was a little frustrated because this church had one of the most poorly installed sound system and I was battling with lots of muddiness in the sound system all night. But it was good that God was lifted high by our worship.

But then when the speaker of the night went up on stage, it turned out he was a Cantonese-native speaker and his Mandarin was quite bad! It sounded like he was talking in Cantonese when he spoke in Mandarin (you have to be a Chinese to really understand that…). So I was thinking that it would be hard for this Mandarin-speaking congregation to understand what he means. He also wasn’t a very eloquent speaker. But he does have a heart for the lost. Still, I was afraid he wasn’t effective in reaching the nonbeleivers. However, from our prayer earlier that night, I just knew something good was going to happen.

In the end, we rejoiced that four people accepted Christ. I praise God that it was all because of Him that night… there was nothing we could claim as credit for ourselves, because God definitely worked through our weaknesses, our language deficiencies, our technical difficulties, people’s apparent lack of outward response, etc. He used ordinary people like us to accomplish His extraordinary work. He again showed up and made us realize how awesome He is. He did it again.


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