God Is In The Casino

“‘Can a man hide himself in hiding places So I do not see him?’ declares the LORD ‘Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?’ declares the LORD.” (Jeremiah 23:24)

Greetings from Macau! I’m taking some time out during my Asia trip to be on-line and I thought I’d write another blog entry.

A few days ago, my parents were planning to take me to a nice buffet restaurant inside a casino in Macau. Being a non-Christian, my mom then asked me a question, “Are you allowed to go to a casino?” I wasn’t prepared for a question like that, so I just said yes without adding anything. But if I could give some thought to it, my answer would have been: “Yes, God is with us everywhere, even in the casinos.”

Earlier today when we went to the casino to eat, my dad said that recently a certain gambler gambled and lost $2,000,000 and then jumped 3 stories to his death inside the casino. He said that because of the loud noise (of his body falling), many people went out and saw the dead body. But then they quickly and unamusedly went right back to their gambling tables. That’s a sad story.

But then I remember something that a guest preacher at our church shared. He shared that many years ago he had been a pastor of a church in a city/town with lots of casinos (I don’t remember the name of the city/town), such that half of the population was employed there. In fact, the cool thing was that many people in his congregation were also employed in the casinos. They worked there for a living, but they also shone light in darker places where no one else had the courage to go. One of the church members was a bartender, and he would share his faith with the people there, and when he met people who went to the bar to drink their problems off, he would share Christ as the alternative. One Easter, their church even held a large-scale Easter service at the casino reenacting the resurrection story… 10,000 people attended!

Yes, God is even in the casinos. And you can still choose the path of life or the path of death in the casino.


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