Painless Abortion?

“Upon You I was cast from birth; You have been my God from my mother’s womb” (Psalm 22:10)

I’m quite sick and tired of people treating abortion as “physical issue.” Last night the news said a new study supposedly “found” that fetus don’t feel pain, adding that the abortion procedure won’t hurt the mother either, and saying all that to tell us abortion is okay… What?!!

Interestingly, I just received a periodical from Pregnancy Choices Clinic which helps counsel women and tried to prevent people from going through abortions. This issue contained many quotes from women that went through abortions, but these two quotes really got to me:

“Still today, I feel like I did not decide to have the abortion… I was only 14… The nurse said this was not the time to be asking questions, that I should have asked sooner.”


“I was a victim of incest… In spite of the pain and guilt I felt, it was far better to have the baby than the alternative — to kill it. I refused to have an abortion… My father flew into an uncontrollable rage and demanded that I consent to the abortion… [the doctor] asked three nurses to hold me while he strapped me to the bed… I continued to scream that I didn’t want an abortion. He told me, ‘Shut up and quit that yelling!’ I was violated by my father… I was violated again by the abortionist.”

I was reminded of the song “Legal Kill” by one of favorite bands “King’s X”. Here’s the lyrics:

Legal Kill
I only know I believe
The rest is so absurd to me
I close my eyes so I can’t see
But the picture just gets clearer every day
I read somewhere to learn is to remember
And I’ve learned we all forget
There was peace in her before
But that was yesterday
But I can see the beauty that is here for me
The chance to live and walk free
From a legal kill

I know your side so very well
It makes no sense that I can tell
The smell of hell is what I smell
And you hand it out with handshakes every day
I have trouble with the persons, with the signs
But I feel the need to make my own
Yes there’re two ways to be
And truth does not depend on me
But I can feel the fight for life is always real
I can’t believe it’s no big deal
It’s a legal kill

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