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“Keep deception and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is my portion” (Proverbs 30:8)

Haven’t written a Xanga entry in over a week… and I’m overdue to testify of the favor of the Lord for my new job which I’m starting next Monday.

In all my years of working, every time I had to look for a job, God made the decision simple for me because I would interview at 6 to 8 companies and I would get only one offer, and so I would just take that offer.

This time, I started looking for a job at the end of August. Soon after I sent out resumes, I got an interview for a job at a startup company in Fremont called “Accept Software.” Not having done an interview for 4 years, I presumed that I would be very rusty during my first job interview. The CTO gave me a written Java programming test and I took more than an hour to complete it. I liked the people there and their product, but I thought I flunked the interview. To my surprise, they called me back for a second interview to talk to the CEO, and it was a very good interview. I could tell they were going to give me an offer. I thought that it would be nice because the company is only a 6-minute drive from my house.

Later that week, I got three more interviews, all companies around Mountain View and Sunnyvale. One of the companies quickly gave me an offer, and the other two also liked me a lot and seemed poised to give me second interviews or pending offers. I started getting confused because of the multiple offers. So when Wendy and I had dinner with our friends Samuel and Carol, I brought the issue up. Samuel told me to remember that God’s will is not always about a specific company He wants me to choose, but no matter what company I work for, it’s how I live and behave that determines whether I’m under God’s will. But he also said that you will surely know it’s God’s work if He provides you exceedingly beyond what you imagine.

So with that, I went home and discussed with Wendy how much money we really need. Wendy is going to be a full-time mom after she gives birth, so for the first time I will have to be the sole money-earner in the house. At the same time, we have to pay off a huge tax debt we incurred from a few years ago. With our mortgage and car loan and everything, my calculations arrived at a big number for the annual salary figure. I was laughing at that salary figure because I cannot imagine any company willing to offer me that much money.

A few days later, the first company I interviewed at called me to go there because they wanted to present their offer to me in person. And, yes, they gave EXACTLY the same figure that I had calculated (and I had never told them my salary expectation)! I couldn’t believe it and I was so stunned that I said I wanted to go home and tell my wife before I accept the offer. The CEO was worried, so he asked, “Is it not enough? Do you want a little more? We can add some more to the salary?” And I smiled and said no no, it’s just “perfect.” I went home and showed Wendy the offer letter. Wendy was in tears and we both prayed and thanked God for His amazing providence.

So on Monday I will start my new job at Accept Software. It’s a blessing that I will earn enough for our family, the commute is only 6 minutes, and I can be closer to home to help Wendy with our coming child. Thanks be to God!


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  1. congrats man… as always… God always provides in His unexpected and thoughtful ways……. God’s provisions is always sufficient… yet not too much so we would stop depending on Him… ^^

    ps.  I don’t mind any free dinner offers…

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