Kicking Into Gear

“For You formed my inward parts;You wove me in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

Last Friday we went to Wendy’s OB/GYN appointment. Before we went, we were thinking about the questions to ask the doctor. One of our questions was: “Why haven’t we felt the baby move?” At almost 18 weeks, Wendy should start feeling the baby move. At the end of the visit, the doctor said we should feel the baby’s movements in a week or so. “This is exciting stuff!” the dcotor added. But after the visit, we looked at each other and agreed we haven’t really felt that “excitement” yet.

Well, last night Wendy and I were a little bit sleepless, and we were lying on the bed just talking. Suddenly, at 1:00am, Wendy said, “Hey I felt the kick!” And then another one. I asked her, “Is it rhythmic?” Because in the books they said you can tell if it’s your stomach churning versus really the baby moving. Wendy said, “Yes, and another one now!” So I put my hand on her belly, and another kick came right on my hand… like something trying to protrude out of the middle of her belly… it was unmistakenly a kick from within. In all, Wendy counted 5 kicks, and I was glad I felt one of them!

If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

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