“See Worship”?

“Exalt the LORD our God and worship at His holy hill, for holy is the LORD our God.” (Psalm 99:9)

I used to like the band “Third Day”, but that was until I rented the DVD “Third Day: Live in Concert: The Offerings Experience” from NetFlix and I was greatly disappointed. The DVD was supposed to show a Third Day worship concert in 2002. But not only did they not glorify God, they were really glorifying themselves. There were many “rock band” and even “Spinal Tap”-like moments in the DVD, like talking about their guitars how they are “chick magnets,” describing how they wanted to get the audience to notice them, and how they wanted to become famous and now “finally made it.” During the concert, the guitarist and the bassist were playing dueling guitars, and the lead singer shared supposedly “spiritual truths” that were basically simplistic faith statements like “love one another” by asking the audience to hold hands when they sing, etc. It was nothing like what I expected after listening to their Offerings CD. But the worst moment of the DVD was when they interviewed some of the concert-goers. One guy said, “I’m so excited to come to this Third Day concert so we can see worship being done……” I almost fell off my chair when I heard the guy said “see worship.” There’s nothing to see in worship…… you either take part in worshipping God or you don’t.

BTW, I hope all of you who went to Chris Tomlin’s worship concert last night in Mountain View had a good time worshipping God. I hope you didn’t “see worship” happen, but you did worship and was transformed from the experience!

How do you educate people in your church to be active participants in worship?

4 thoughts on ““See Worship”?

  1. oh… that’s kinda disappointing…. I love Third Day’s songs too. Maybe they were just trying to have fun with the audience..? I don’t know cuz I never been to their concert… I just can hardly imagine people who wrote great songs like those would be self-worshppers…

    as for your final question… well, that’s basically what I’ve been trying to do all these years :-P … first of all, I’d have to be an active participant in worship myself, doesn’t matter whether I’m leading, playing, or just standing among the congregation, and try to lead by example. I pray about it often, and when God gives me opportunities like leading or sharing about worship, I basically try to get them to understand worshipping is not just the first part of the service where we “sing” or “ok to miss, as long as we make it to the sermon”, but we really have to use our heart and be totally focusing on Him. It’s ok to be emotional, as long as we let it come out naturally from the adoration of our Lord, and not forcing it.

    with all those being said, after last night, I realize I still knew practically nothing about worship yet. the concert/message bascially opened for me another whole dimension on what our heart/mentality should be like when worshipping this Gigantic/Almighty yet caring/loving God… but I’ll try my best to share with my b/s with whatever I know

  2. I think it would be helpful to first identify the root of the problem. Not actively participating in worship might just be a symptom of a much bigger problem. 

    People also need to have the right altitude towards worship. If they worship God just as they want rather than how God wants them to worship him, their active participation may mean little or nothing in God’s eye. Worship goes beyond Sunday Service. In a sense, it is also a way of living.

  3. Worship is like wrestling… (have you wrestled someone before?? aw man, that feelin is just rockin’! haha) there’s nothing in it for you to understand and experience until you get your hands dirty…

    and yes, thank you for pointing out that “There’s nothing to see in worship…… you either take part in worshipping God or you don’t.” how do we focus on a God that we can’t see? that may help people take a more active role when worshiping God…

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