Is Anything Too Difficult?

“Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27)

Yesterday I had a “Word of God moment” in my car…… Wendy and I were giving a ride for Alan to come to our church. Alan just arrived in USA a few days ago to study at Foothill College, and he needs to look for an apartment very soon. He has only one week left before he has to move out of his aunt’s friend’s condo, and he faces the task of finding an apartment and a roommate really soon. We were talking about this in the car, and I said, “Wow… just one week of time left… this must be difficult…” and as soon as I said the word “difficult,” I felt God telling me, “nothing is too difficult for Me.” Then Alan said, “I believe God will work it out for me.” And he proceeded to share with me a testimony of how God gave him a summer job in Hong Kong. He prayed for a job that won’t require him to work on weekends (which is common practice in Hong Kong). He waited one month, two months, and no job. All his friends took good paying jobs that require working on weekends, and they all laughed at Alan for turning down those jobs, saying “Why wait? You have no money and no job!” But Alan kept on waiting, and finally God gave him a tutoring job that is satisfying and doesn’t require working on weekends.

I’m so glad God used Alan to remind me to learn to blot out the words “difficult” and “impossible” from my vocabulary. After all, He worked many miracles and things in my life that I should’ve learned to trust Him more. And after all, God also worked in the lives of many of my brothers and sisters. Like just two months ago, Gloria and Madeline at my church needed to find an apartment because their landlord suddenly evicted them, and after we prayed for them, just one hour later they found a great apartment to live in! How did I forget about that? And partly because of that, they have accepted Christ and become Christians today through experiencing God and through the love offered by our church.

Yesterday’s incident reminded me that man is man and God is God… my flesh and blood is weak and I do need to walk daily with the eyes of faith.


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