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“They have seen Your procession, O God, the procession of my God, my King, into the sanctuary. The singers went on, the musicians after them, in the midst of the maidens beating tambourines.” (Psalm 68:24-25)

In preparing for today’s blog, I’ve actually thought it over and over and prayed about it for about one month. What has been troubling me that I needed to think about it for so long? It’s because I have observed that in the entire 2005, there has not been one Cantonese Christian Music CD produced in the whole USA! What happened??!? Have all the musicians gone hiding? At first, when I realized this, I was lamenting the fact that musicians are not making a strong enough effort to write more and better songs sooner. I know a lot of notable Cantonese Christian musicians personally, and many of them happen to be taking a break this year due to family reasons or other things. Still, I wanted to place the blame on them; and I thought, “What a lousy year this has been! How can the Cantonese Christian musicians be so lazy and not use their creative minds and not make a single CD all year?”

But after some prayer and more observations, I think I know the real reason for the Cantonese Christian music drought. It wasn’t really because of the musicians. If there was enough motivation and enough market for them, they wouldn’t be so dormant right now. The real reason lies with the Church. In short, Cantonese-speaking Christians and churches have not placed music and arts in a place of priority. And with the increasing popularity of pirating CDs into MP3s which gets passed around to friends and family, Christians have joined in to break one of the 10 Commandments against stealing, and as the population of US Chinese Christians becomes more and more Americanized, the Cantonese Christian music market is shrinking, and the Cantonese-speaking Christian musicians and music ministries are getting discouraged. If you don’t want 2006 to turn out like 2005, here’s my plea:

Please buy Cantonese Christian music CDs and support those music ministries and help educate/motivate your church and your brothers and sisters about the importance of supporting Cantonese Christian music.

I hope the “Big United States Cantonese Christian Music Drought of 2005” becomes a wake-up call and rally cry for us.

8 thoughts on “Support Cantonese Christian Music Now!

  1. another reason is many Cantonese Christian Artists went back to Hong Kong (maybe because of no market here?). Yes, we definitely need to show our support for them!

    btw, any recommendations on good Cantonese Christian Music artists?

  2. Definitely visit to see and purchase the newest Cantonese CDs available.

    Lately I’m finding myself liking “Level 7” more and more. They’re a relatively new group in Canada with fresh new ideas.

    I’ve talked to John Tse of InSpirit about inviting some Cantonese Christian music groups/artists from overseas to come to the Bay Area to perform. We haven’t had anyone come since Zion Noiz in 2001! (I’m not counting ones like Miss Wong Hoi Yun who are not singing contemporary Cantonese Christian songs).

    What do you think about doing songwriting competitions (again)?

  3. cool, I’ll definitely check them out…

    no, I never participated in any songwriting competition before.  I don’t think I’m good enough… haha… besides, I can’t write cantonese songs :-(

  4. Hey Bryan, don’t be so down on yourself about songwriting.

    I used to think I couldn’t write songs, and I’ve tried hard and I’ve failed, and I still haven’t written really anything worthwhile. But one time, Anthony Chan told me, “maybe it’s not your time yet, some day God would inspire you to write songs.” Because of Anthony’s encouragement, I still believe one day I can do it and I’m keeping that hope. And at the same time, I study other people’s songs to learn and once in a while I practice in the shower… :p

  5. Tim, I agree that pirating CDs into MP3s phenomenom does play a role in the decline of the industry/ministry.
    Regarding to the WCCCC issues, I think the reason behind is complicated, and I would really appreciate it if you can discuss with us personally later.

  6. Hi Tim!

    i see you found me on our wonderful world of the web =) interesting post…i guess i dont really help the situation by being a cantonese born american – who basically only attends english speaking worship services, and now french, but  not chinese… if you can recommend some good cantonese contemporary worship music, maybe you can pass them on to me. just to let you know, there are lots of American Born Asians (christians too) who listen to lots of chinese, korean, and japanese mainstream/pop music – but not christian worship music. we dont really know whats out there. so maybe if you do a lil promotion, it might catch our interest too.

    I’m also commenting..cuz i have some technical questions, and my dad said you would be good to ask. i need to make a video for some college applications, and am trying to figure out the best way to get it onto a cd and mail it. maybe we can chat via email – that might be better. can you please email me at: . thanks! merry christmas!

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