“Merry” Christmas

“Greet one another with a holy kiss.” (Romans 16:16)

Why do holiday and seasonsal and occasional sayings always include the word “happy” or “merry”? Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy new year, happy chinese new year, merry Christmas, etc. Do I need to be reminded to be happy? Yes, I do.

Yesterday we were having lunch with some brothers and sisters in church, and Dickson’s 3-year-old daughter Daphne was sitting next to me. I just played with her for just 10 minutes, doing silly things like pushing each other’s shoes, pretending to watch Little Mermaid from a hot sauce container, etc. I made her laugh and she made me laugh. Then as we finished the dinner and about to go our separate ways, Daphne gave me a little kiss on the cheek… it was a simple yet special moment that really really made my day, and made me very happy to be kissed by an angel. Not to say it made the other people there very jealous… 😀

So, Merry Christmas, everyone, remember how the little things in life makes you happy. Remember also to “Kiss the Son” (Psalm 2:12) on this Christmas Day.


2 thoughts on ““Merry” Christmas

  1. Amen! A lot of time, I forgot that I should be joyful and thankful for sth I thought is 理所當然.
    Today, I couldn’t smile even it’s my friend’s birthday because I was sick. I asked my friend, y is it that I couldn’t smile…so weird

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