The Last Note Was “D”

“The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised” (Job 1:21b)

Just got back from WCCCC and had a wonderful time from learning God’s truth and being inspired by Dr. Milton Wan and Dr. Jeff Louie. I want to write about that later, but first I want to write about something which is more near and dear to me, which is the fact that playing bass with jnX during WCCCC might be the last time for me for a long time……

Going into the conference, I knew that after this service with the jnX team, I will need to put it on hold for a quite while and turn my attention to preparing for and caring for our new baby Chase. So it was with mixed emotions that I played every worship set during WCCCC. On the last morning, as Anthony was sharing the “new” story behind the song “I Have Decided,” about how the North East India guy and his family were killed for holding on to faith toward God, I got very emotional. I thought back to all the times I went with jnX to India and how I experienced God’s power in people there and also in our team and in myself, it was indescribable and incomparable to anything. I will miss serving with jnX.

Fittingly, we ended the conference with the song “Blessed Be Your Name.” God really does “give and take away.” I don’t know what will happen in the future. In the past God has “given” me the opportunity to serve in different ministries: student ministries, youth ministries, marriage ministries, etc. But when He moved me into a new territory, He also has “taken” away my previous ministries so I could focus on a new ministry. I don’t know if WCCCC 2005 would be an end to something old and the beginning of something new. All I know is: the last note I played in WCCCC was a “D”, which was the root note of an unresolved chord (the song was in the key of A but we didn’t resolve to the A chord), so I hope it means my service with jnX is “to be continued…” la.

I want to thank our team members individually:

Anthony – it’s been an honor being led by you, not just musicially, but also spiritually and being mentored by you to live a Christian life and to be real. I truly learn more from you through your walk than your talk.
Leo – I really enjoy seeing you grow in leadership skills over the years. I know God still has a lot more work on you to mold and shape you and I’m anxious to see who you’ll become 10 years from now.
Caleb – I’m glad to know you and that you only picked up guitar after graduating from college and achieving such an amazing talent in such a short time
Pai Gwut – I like your easy-going and always-yes attitude. For some strange reason, my best mental image of you during WCCCC was when you were holding and swinging Jennifer’s purple purse… 😀
Rachel – Dr. Milton Wan was right: you are an angel! You exude so much joy in your service and your singing. It was great to have known you.
Frank – Playing with you gave me the opportunity to see your passion for the Lord up close, and it especially touched me how you teared up while playing “Amazing Grace.” When I played with Bobby, Bobby led me along in the rhythm section, but while playing with you, I realized you allowed me to take a leading role in the rhythm section, and it was a fresh experience to have done that. You’re a great person.

When Dr. Milton Wan encouraged us at the end of the conference by telling us that he has rarely seen a worship team with such skills and yet played without a hint of performance mentality, I was glad he said it, but he really wasn’t saying anything new to me, because he merely reconfirmed the experience I’ve had with jnX the past 5 years: we serve outwardly with our music, but we impact the people of God with our hearts.


3 thoughts on “The Last Note Was “D”

  1. I thought Jennifer’s purse was pink…  =)

    It’s always been a great pleasure and honor to serve with you.  Your wonderful bass, attitude of striving for the best, and humbleness has always been an inspiration to me.  Serving togehter in jnX with Wendy and you has definitely changed my life for me to be a better vessel, a more humble servant and leader. 

    I’m sure Dr. Wan’s comment willl be an encouragement for all of us to even do better for the Lord.  This road of serving is not easy but let’s keep each other accountable.  You, Wendy, and baby Chase will always be in my prayer.

    Come back soon!!  We will welcome you with open arms…  =)

  2. Dear brother Tim: It’s a great honor to team up with you and others in serving the Lord! Thank you for being such a caring teammate, helping me with the order of songs  and giving me the velcro tape so my little doggie can stay on the mic during the last worship set  :-) Ever since I knew you, you always wore a smile on your face. Although we did not have many chances for long talk or serving together until this year, you’re always the approachable Tim who can make the sound level right All the best to you, Wendy and the precious one in the womb. Very soon, we’ll be greeting the future bass player and vocalist, right? May the Lord continue to guide you and your family!  :-D Rachel

  3. Sorry… I am color blind sometimes… :p

    I’m not going anywhere, but my priority will be changing in 2006. I’ll be with all of you in spirit as you serve on stage.

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