Texas Connection

I spent my 6 years of college education in the University of Texas, and lived in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. Even though now I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 12 years, I still consider Texas my home. I still bleed the “burnt orange” color of Texas Longhorns. It was in Austin where I became and grew as a Christian. It was there I met some of my best friends for life. It was there I understood about life.

But on the first evening of WCCCC, I received long distance phone calls that one of the brothers in my church in Austin had died. His name is Manny Woo, and he had a heart attack while riding an airplane with his wife and his two daughters (12 and 6 year olds) during their family Christmas vacation trip. It was sad. I haven’t seen Manny for so long, and my best memory of him was a picture we took together at my farewell party when I left Austin. We also served together in the Cantonese fellowship when I was the chairman and he was the vice chairman.

Many of my friends all over the world that used to go to my church in Austin were brought together by the event of Manny’s death. They spread the news and shared about their feelings. We each prayed for Manny’s family and remembered him in his life. But this also brought back for me so many of my happy memories when I was in Austin. I want to go back in time and enjoy my friends more. I want to tell them, “please forgive me for the hurts I’ve caused you.” I want to tell them, “I love you just the way you are.”

Tonight, as Texas Longhorns goes up against USC Trojans for the College Football National Championship, I will be rooting hard for the Longhorns to win, but it’s more than a game to me. While I cannot go back in time, I still have that special bond with anything related to University of Texas and to Austin, Texas.

Go Longhorns!