Sweet Victory

Yay!!!!  Texas Longhorns is #1!!!!

Yesterday I drank 6 cups of water before watching the game, yet half way through the first half of the game, I screamed so hard that my throat hurt and I thought I would lose my voice. It was the most exciting game since last year’s Rose Bowl (last year Texas beat Michigan in a thrilling 38-37 game, after which Texas coach Mack Brown said “There will never be a better game in the Rose Bowl”… and he was wrong 😀), and it was so intense from start to finish. Every time there was a commercial break, I would realize how tense I had been. Wendy was afraid I would have a heart attack. But even when the Longhorns were down 12 points with less than 7 minutes to go, I knew we had it in us to win it. And we did. I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep.

Here’s a recap:

If “life is a drama,” sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the biggest “stage” of your life…

And sometimes you’ll find that wherever you try to go, you would be held back by forces beyond your control…

And you might feel discouraged by all the amazing things that others can do and you can’t…

But right then is the critical moment when you question your faith, your passion, and your commitment…

And be surprised by how much you can do and how you can overcome obstacles and leave the competition behind…

Because you know your vision is clear, and sooner or later your vision and your dream become reality, and you look back and say: “This is too good to be true”…

No, I wasn’t just talking about football. I was talking about life. This is why I enjoy sports… there’re so many lessons about life that you can learn from sports. I still remember the late Tom Landry, legendary football coach of Dallas Cowboys, who at one point had 20 straight winning seasons, and who’s also a Christian, said when he was asked, “What was the greatest moment of your career?” He answered, “The greatest moments were when we lost, because in losing we really learn about ourselves.” I respect him so much for that answer.

Win or lose, live and learn.

Now I’ll look forward to the Longhorns baseball season starting two weeks from now!


6 thoughts on “Sweet Victory

  1. It was really a good game. I only watched the half time marching band show and the last 14 minutes of the game. Man, even I was screaming. Even though I never really liked football, I’ll have to say this is really a good game to watch. I was forced to go to football games when I was in my high school marching band. Never really knew what the players were doing in the game.  Don’t understand why they stack on top of eachother. But then, the football players will say the same thing about the band geeks.

  2. Great reflections and photos tim sir! Can’t agree more when you say ‘win or lose, live and learn’. That way we could live our lives with a positive spirit!

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