Beware of Phishing

Last night if you’re on my Yahoo Messenger contacts list, you might have gotten a strange looking link from me. It links to a fake Yahoo login website, and if you logged yourself in, someone would have gotten a hold of your password. Apparently, on a busy day, I wasn’t thinking, and I fell for a phishing scheme and gave my Yahoo password to some bad guy. Then last night he logged into my Yahoo account and sent an IM to everyone on my contacts list to try to phish more people out. I happened to find out about it because I was looking at Wendy’s computer and she got an IM from me but I clearly wasn’t online. Then suddenly I realized that someone has broken into my account and impersonated as me…

I proceeded to warn all my friends about it. But after changing my Yahoo password, one of my friends told me she got another IM from me with the weird link. That’s when I decided to close my Yahoo account right away.

During this time, someone told me about this term “phishing scheme,” which I had never heard before. But we will be hearing more of it. Just in 2004, there have been 1400 different phishing schemes to trick people into giving out their passwords. In order to be more Internet savvy, we all should know and understand more about phishing.

Here’s a news article talking about the Yahoo Messenger phishing scheme that I fell for:

Here’s another news article with more info about phishing schemes in general:

Keep your internet usage happy and safe!


2 thoughts on “Beware of Phishing

  1. Sorry to hear that Tim Sir. I got really scared in the last couple months facing a smiliar issue. I got one email every week from “paypal” telling me that I was trying to access my account with a foreign IP address. In order to fix it, I have to click through the site and log in to verify. I find this pretty bizzare, someone phishing is trying to report another possible phishing to my Paypal account?!?! The email even said if you didn’t verify it within several months, my account will be locked (which never happen afterall). Finally I went on the legit site and changed my password. I couldn’t imagine someone tapping into my bank account transfering money :-(

  2. Unfortunately, a month ago, a friend of mine got that Paypal email and logged in and typed in all her info including credit card and SSN. A few days later, she found that all her emails got deleted. She had to cancel all her credit cards, change SSN, etc. and she’s still battling with these problems.

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