Baby Shower

We really enjoyed yesterday’s fun baby shower organized by Packey and Monica! Wendy and I determined early on that we don’t want our baby shower to be about silly games, but about testifying God’s grace and mercy and love to us, and we did. During the baby shower Wendy shared how God educated her that children are indeed an inheritance from God, and how Packey prayed over Wendy and Lucy to become pregnant at the same time, and God did make them pregnant at the same time! I shared about my biggest pending fatherhood fear — which I will write in detail in my next blog entry in the next day or so. Before the baby shower, Wendy and I prepared 30 prayer items for them to pray over us, and so we ended the baby shower with prayers.

We were also showered by the love and care and advice by moms and sisters in Christ, let alone their super-generous gifts for baby Chase. Kudos to Packey and Monica for their organizing this party. Extra kudos to Annie Pang for baking us a home-made two-layed taro cake and also Melody’s cheesecake. Super-duper kudos to Madge for giving us a whole “travel system” (one of those baby terminologies that I learned recently) even though we told her not to give us such an expensive gift. Thanks to God for such a wonderful fun time of fellowship and anticipatory celebration.