Please pray for Wendy and I.

Our individual health insurance ended in Feburary, and supposedly our new Blue Cross group health insurance from my company is to start today. However, an administrative hiccup and miscommunication happened such that they need me to change my health plan and re-submit the health insurance application. So at this point Wendy and I are technically without any proof of health insurance if Wendy somehow goes into labor. It means that if we have to visit any doctor or hospital, we have no insurance ID# or group# to provide them. The HR of my company says that even if I call Blue Cross right now, they would not be able to identify who we are.

So please pray that this health insurance process will go through quickly, and that Wendy will not go into labor until at least 7-10 days later.


  1. Thanks Tim! I think I am influenced by my teacher who’s involved with the English service praise team. She already taught me sycopation and tricks to spice up the song, but I need to master the chords and their inversions first.

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