Wendy the Superwoman

“An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain.” (Proverbs 31:10-11)

There are awards for movie stars, for writers, for artists, for scientists, etc. And if there were such an award for being a great spouse and great parent, my wife Wendy richly deserves that award. She’s always been an excellent wife, but with Chase’s birth, I discovered her merits all over again as an encourager, caretaker, and strong believer.

We had asked many brothers and sisters to pray for a smooth labor and delivery for Wendy and Chase. So, on the day of Chase’s birth, God answered our prayers. Wendy only pushed for 20 minutes in the hospital, and she needed no epidural (spinal pain medication) that are nowadays used by 90% of pregnant moms. After Chase was delivered, the doctor and the nurses at the hospital were amazed at her ability. They kept telling Wendy, “You’re a pro!” and “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” and “You should teach a class on childbirth!” And in the hallways, the nurses were telling other nurses about Wendy, saying, “She’s a superwoman.” I am proud to have a “superwoman” as my wife.

These 2 weeks the most frequently asked question of me is, “Did you get enough sleep? I bet you didn’t.” But to their surprise, my answer is, “I have had more than enough sleep, and so did Wendy.” It is extremely extremely rare for anybody to be able to say we have enough sleep with a newborn in the house, but we really can say that. Besides thanking and praising God for this, I could attribute this to Wendy the supermom, who managed everything so well and was able to rest from naps and several short sleep times that she was energized enough every day and did not need my help at night. We indeed have two babies in the house because every night I sleep like a baby! On top of that, she helped ease my fatherhood anxieties, and she also managed the relationships with my parents who are living with us this month. And she had such a quick physical recovery from childbirth that she’s been out and active quite a bit.

I learned in marriage conferences that praising one’s wife is like making deposits into her love bank. But lately I learned that this kind of love deposit is not like a fixed duration certificate of deposit (定期存款), but it’s more like a daily piggy bank (豬仔錢箱): it’s not in how much I deposit, but in how frequent, even if it’s just a coin per day. Wendy, thank you for being my superwife!