Reflections from jnX 5-Year Celebration Concert

I hope you all were there last night. There are so many superlatives that can be used to describe last night’s jnX 5-Year celebration concert so I won’t begin there. I’ll just let you know my random thoughts……

  • Most amazing thing of the night: Bobby Medcalf singing in perfect Mandarin! He put a lot of us Chinese into shame.
  • Most valuable segments of the concert: 2 well-known pastors and 1 pastors’ wife coming out to speak on behalf of the accomplishments of jnX. Rarely/Never has a Chinese music/worship ministry touched so many lives that non-advisroy ministers are willing to take so much time out of their busy schedules to praise that ministry in front of hundreds of people.
  • Most touching aspect of the concert: jnX uses every opportunity to teach folks about genuine worship, even during this anniversary concert. Looking back, my own journey with jnX was a journey of “worship education” — from being a musician to a worshipper, from seeing worship narrowly to seeing worship as a fire-starter for missions and healing, etc. This concert reflects that journey.
  • Most improved musicians: Pulse… Wendy and I both thought that you guys improved a lot! And that was a great song! Keep it up!
  • Funniest moment in the concert: Ruby and Philip acting as Isabella and Anthony… I know, that skit wasn’t supposed to be funny but I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them come out and act as them!
  • Second most touching aspect of the concert: Even though I’ve seen those videos and pictures hundreds of times before, seeing those images of our mission trips in the past 5 years as a backdrop to Anthony’s new five loaves two fish song was extremely touching to me. God has really put jnX out in front ahead of the army and fight spiritual battles in the frontlines.
  • Third most touching aspect of the concert: Jason’s portrayal of Nelson sent chills up my spine.
  • Most embarrasing moment: When Wendy and I and Chase’s picture was shown on the screen and everyone was looking back at us, I was wondering whether I combed my hair okay…
  • Most rewarding experience: Seeing how the audience responded to the jnX’s challenges and seeing how many brothers and sisters form my church attended the concert and were so immersed in worship.

Ultimately, as Anthony has been saying and as Pastor Lawrence reinforced so well, we’re just the donkey carrying Jesus and He certainly received great glory last night!

One thought on “Reflections from jnX 5-Year Celebration Concert

  1. Amen! It was a great experience and I was secretly wiping tears in couple scenarios…
    too bad I was “trapped” in backstage most of the time didn’t get a chance to see the audience responding to God… but somehow I was able to feel His presence among us…
    praise the Lord

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