My Boss’ Twins

“I will praise the LORD while I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.” (Psalm 146:2)

Seems that everyone I know has been quiet in their blogs this week. So have I, because my boss just had twin babies last Friday night, and so this week is a busy week for me because I had to pick up some of his workload.

My company now has 30 employees (we tripled our size since I joined 9 months ago). When I interviewed, I made it clear that I put my family first before my work — I guess it was a bold thing to say during an interview — and in return the CEO told me that everyone in this company had kids. He was more than right. All the men in this company were actually very involved fathers. The COO used to sit next to me and I always heard him speaking to his sons on the phone about their homework and attending their soccer games. The VP of Sales Alliances took days off to be his daughter who underwent a surgery. I often hear fellow employees talk about their kids with pride. This is really unlike any place I’ve worked at before.

Back to my boss. He actually has a 3-year-old son now, but at first they had a hard time getting pregnant. They tried everything including fertility doctors and even had Chinese medicine (my boss is from Israel). And after they got pregnant, when his wife was giving birth to their oldest son, her uterus got ruptured during the process, so she cannot get pregnant anymore. But they desparately wanted a second child, so they went through a lengthy process to find a surrogate mother. They put their sperms and eggs together and found that two of the eggs fertilized (i.e. twins). The twin embryos were injected into the surrogate mother, who lives 2 hours’ drive away and whom they have to pay a lot of money towards. And his wife has to take special hormone medicine so she can feed the twin babies breast milk when they’re born. They did all that just to bring children to this world and be their parents. However, a few days after the twins were born, they found that one of them kept losing weight and had an abnormally low temperature. So they had to bring him to the hospital. So since this Tuesday my boss and his wife has been with the kids at the hospital.

I really admire my boss for taking such pains to be a parent to his kids. It’s yet another reminder for me to be thankful that my son Chase has been so healthy, and thankful that Wendy and I are enjoying our lives. As long as we live, we will praise the Lord.

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  1. Tim, it’s really blessing that God provide you such a great company (family first) to work at. Touching story of the twins. Pray that the bb will be well very soon.  thx for sharing. lucy

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