Keeping Warm On The Hottest Day In The Bay Area

“Furthermore, if two lie down together they keep warm, but how can one be warm alone?” (Ecclesiastes 4:11)

Yesterday was definitely the hottest day ever in history in the San Francisco Bay Area. The “outside temperature” display in our car says the temperature is 109 degrees Farenheit! When you stand outside, it felt like you’ve turned on the heater and you’re standing in front of the heating vent! And of course, because everyone turned on their AC, power outages were everywhere. Our house was out of power for 13 hours, and many of our church brothers and sisters had power outages too.

But it was a “warm” day too. In the morning we had a great worship time, and then during lunch we celebrated the 30th wedding anniversary of our pastor and pastor’s wife. We had fun playing games with them. Then in the afternoon, pastor and his wife went out to celebrate their anniversary, so they offered a bunch of us to go to their house to cool down to the AC (remember we’re without power in our own house). So about 10-12 of us went there with our kids and everything and just chilled out in the pastor’s house’s living room. We’re chatting and listening to music and playing with the babies and playing card games and stuff. It was great to spend the afternoon in the company of these brothers and sisters.

Some of us stayed behind because we’re still without power in our own houses, so the pastor and pastor’s wife cooked a quick dinner for all of us… they cooked 6-7 dishes in amazing speed. Because Lucy hurt her back, we also laid hands on her and prayed for her.

By the time Wendy and I got home, it was about 11pm… it was a full day but very nice day. On the hottest day of the Bay Area, we surely felt “warm.”

2 thoughts on “Keeping Warm On The Hottest Day In The Bay Area

  1. Yeap, it surely is nice to feel warm in the company of bros & sisters than be warm in a car or a house without A/C.  It was over 100 degree in Dallas last week also.

  2. i can help out with baby sitting on fri! i have sent an email to wendy already and feel free to call my cell if my help is needed! really hope that lucy will get well soon.

    n congrat on ur 7th anniversary! sorry for the late congrat coz i didnt read ur xanga until today… sorry but i believe u guys have enjoyed a great dinner (though it seemed to be a really short one)

    family life with a baby is surely different from the “two people’s world” before. though there may be more hassles, there will be a lot more fun n love too!

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