Pulse Practice @ My House

Chase was wearing a child ear protection device called “Peltor Kid.” It was only sold in Europe, so I ordered it from Europe via eBay.

I really enjoyed the Pulse‘s practice that night. Do come more often, hombres!

5 thoughts on “Pulse Practice @ My House

  1. hahaha i thought Chase couldn’t stand our music and was jamming with his own discman…. j/k
    thanks man…… nice camera btw… i actually heard string… :-D

  2. Bryan: the camcorder is nice, but, seriously, the reason you hear the right balance is because of mixing skills, not the camcorder, right? :-)

    Ball Jai: if you’re in the area, you’re welcome to drop by!

    Nina: actually, my house is not soundproof (that means sound from my house can still get to the neighbors), but I did some “sound treatment” so that the sound reflections do not cause feedback or muddiness in my house.

    EE Ching: please come!

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