Fun & Tiring Weekend

This past weekend was lots of fun but also very tiring…

Saturday morning: Wendy and I finally finished watching the 6-disc Sci-Fi TV series “Invasion” on DVD. We love the ending. ABC really should not have cancelled the show. Sherrif Underlay is one of the most interesting, complex, multi-dimensional character ever brought to a TV screen. There’re many “Save Invasion” campaigns to try to bring about a Season 2, but unfortunately, most probably they won’t won’t succeed.

Saturday afternoon: a marathon worship team rehearsal session practicing 16 songs for the upcoming church retreat. It was great having Dickson play drums for us. I was also surprised by how fast Tracy picked up the new songs.

Sunday morning: we invited Anthony & Isabella to our church and they preached to us about worship. We had a great time worshipping God and there were many tears shed during the Sunday worship service as God touched us.

Sunday afternoon: baby shower for Miranda. Wendy led the games and it was all laughter and fun for two hours. Afterwards we went home and just crashed! We woke up at 6:30pm but I almost thought it was 6:30am.

Sunday night: Pulse practiced at my place. If anyone is available Saturday night 10/14, please go to their praise night at Chinese Bible Baptist Church in Los Altos.