How To Believe

“I’ve given you a clear account of God in action, suppressed nothing regarding God Almighty. The evidence is right before you. You can all see it for yourselves, so why do you keep talking nonsense?” (Job 27:11-12, The Message)

Finished watching the “Da Vinci Code” DVD a couple days ago. Back when the movie first came out, there were a lot of seminars held by churches (including my church) trying to use the opportunity to educate people that most of the movie’s “facts” are false, focusing on dispelling things like Priory of Sion and Opus Dei, or explaining that Jesus does not have a wife, that the person at the right of Jesus in da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting is a man and not a woman, etc. After watching the movie for myself, I thought all that talk put the wrong focus on the movie.

The key to understanding the movie is at the end, after Robert Langdon and Sophie Neevu found that Jesus has a living blood descendant, he wanted to answer the question of who Jesus really is, so he said to her, “Why does it have to be human or divine?” It’s a rhetorical question for Langdon because he thinks that Jesus is just human, and not divine, and making him divine caused all the bloody conflicts throughout history. Then he said, “Maybe human is divine.” And then he added, “What matters is what you believe.”

Just these three sentences boil down what most people’s questions about Christianity are. First, they question who Jesus is, yet they cannot accept Jesus is both human and divine. Second, they question that religion causes conflict in the world, yet they fail to see that it’s evidence that we are fallen beings needing God’s grace. But the most important issue is, they think that somehow you can just choose what to believe by yourself. This is in fact contradictory to Langdon’s statement earlier in the movie. Earlier in the movie, when he was first listening to Leigh Teabing’s outrageous theory about Jesus having a wife, he said, “You can’t twist the evidence to support your own conclusions.” And yet Langdon is now saying you can just choose whatever you wish to believe.

The key missing “evidence” that the movie doesn’t consider, and probably most people don’t want to consider, is Christ’s resurrection. It’s so funny how many unbelievers just try to overlook that Christ Jesus is resurrected. Dan Brown is mistaken. The Bible actually does want us to believe what we believe based on actual evidence.

BTW, the movie is pretty entertaining for the first hour, and it got boring in the second hour and a half. I give it three stars out of five.


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  1. amen… biggest difference between believers and non-believers is that believers believe that there are things we can’t explain (such as Christ’s resurrection) and God can accomplish them, while non-believers refuse to believe that

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