Strange Public Bathroom Behaviors

Yesterday I went to the public bathroom at my company’s office building, and someone was in one of the stalls. As I was “going about my business,” I heard “beep beep… beep beep…” coming from that stall. The guy was there playing with a portable gameboy thingy. I thought that was strange that someone actually wants to do something like that there. Maybe he’s too stressed out at work and hides in the bathroom for a little fun?

But the strangest one was a few months ago, I went to the same bathroom, and another man and I both finished our businesses, and as I was washing my hands at the sink, this other guy took off his shoe and put his foot in the sink and washed his feet! I didn’t know whether I should laugh or be angry!!?!


2 thoughts on “Strange Public Bathroom Behaviors

  1. How very funny!

    Hope Chase is all well, ready to go to HK!  We didn’t make the trip until last year when Caleb was 2.5.  It was very tiring, to say the least.  But also a memorable time!

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