Hong Kong Trip

“Can’t we just pack our son in the suitcase and ship him with the luggage and not worry about him making a fuss on the plane?”

“No, dear”

But Chase actually loved the plane… he slept like a baby (hmm…) on both flights (outbound and returning)…
Typical scene in Hong Kong: construction

Typical smell in Hong Kong: cigarette smoke

As we carried Chase with a baby carrier, he gets the same view of Hong Kong as we did… and he’s loving it! Suddenly he saw lots and lots of people walking toward him, and he got so excited and he flapped his arms and legs all around!
For some reason, every time Chase got near a pole on an MTR or KCR train, he’d hold on to it.
Chase was always wanting to feed himself pieces of bread after we started the Hong Kong trip
Going to Macau to visit relatives… Wendy and I both had to fight motion sickness on the ship, but Chase was somehow immune.
Posing as tourists in front of Macau’s most famous landmark.
Chase’s grandma and great grandma… I suddenly realized Chase’s arrival changed many people’s role names…
Chase’s grandpa… Wendy said this picture is very 「形」
Hot pot dinner in Macau
After the Macau trip, we went back to Hong Kong for a few days… suddenly Chase started displaying a new facial expression: grinning with 朦豬眼

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