The Official Burger Of GNCC Worship Team

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” (Revelation 3:20)

Yesterday GNCC worship team rehearsal was 1:30pm, but we didn’t plan to meet for lunch. Wendy and Chase and I went to eat at the In-N-Out closest to church. We bumped into Godwin there. Then when we got to church, we found that the rest of the worship team (Tracy and Jon) also bought take-out at the same In-N-Out as well. Is In-N-Out not the official burger of GNCC worship team or what?

In the 30 minutes that we sat at In-N-Out, I noticed that they had processed about 100 transactions. People were lining up to the cash register. The tail of the line was out on the street. Inside, there were people standing everywhere waiting for their orders. The drive thru had lots of cars and the parking lot was bustling with cars coming in and out.

What makes In-N-Out so successful? I think the main reason is that it is simple. There’s basically one flavor of burger (with cheese or extra patty), one kind of fries, and two kinds of drinks (soda, shake). Because they concentrate on the simple things, they do them well and make the burgers and fries really good. Also, it doesn’t require much thinking from the customer.

An interesting comment I read on describes going to In-N-Out as a religious experience:

In-N-Out is a gift from the gods. Every time that I eat here, I feel like I have been to church. Or if not to church, at the very least I have opened that drawer at my motel room and actually opened the bible and read a page.

Someone once told me that the late founders of In-N-Out were Christians and they started the restaurant originally as a place to hang out after church worship service. Curiously, I just found that Wikipedia says that In-N-Out utensils have Bible references (including ones like Revelation 3:20) printed on them… I’ll try to notice them next time.

What do you think makes In-N-Out so successful?


2 thoughts on “The Official Burger Of GNCC Worship Team

  1. hehe good question, I always like it too… here are the reasons i can think of (other than the ones you pointed out)
    1. they taste great
    2. relatively good price
    3. commitment of making it fresh
    4. i guess just a good overall reputation
    5. not sure it’s the same for all locations, but the people work there are really nice

    one thing i don’t like which sometimes stops me from going there is the long wait(because it’s sooo popular)

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