Best Of 2006 Movies + My Oscars Wishes

Allow me to rant/rave about some movie stuff.

Being the movie buff I am, I love the award shows, and the biggest of them all is the Oscars this Sunday night.

I think overall 2006 is a good year, better than 2005 overall, but 2006 didn’t have as many great films, just that the average standard of the films were better.

Of the five nominees for Best Picture of the Year, I only saw “Babel” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” At the present, I hope “Babel” wins this big award. The movie had no-nonsense acting all around, and it just started right off the bat with multiple powerful and daring performances. The two and a half hours of the movie flew by so quickly and by the end it leaves you wanting to see more. I don’t wish “The Departed,” which is the American version of “Infernal Affairs” (無間道), to win it because “Infernal Affairs” is already a great movie and I don’t want the Americans to rip off an award based on that great Hong Kong movie.

I’m also hoping Rinko Kikuchi to win the Best Supporting Actress because of her performance in “Babel.” I’m pulling for the film “Little Children” (even though I haven’t seen it) to win some award(s) because I really like the director Todd Field’s wonderful 2001 movie “In The Bedroom.” There are certain directors that bring out the best in the actors, and Todd Field is one such director. Specifically, I’m pulling for Kate Winslet to win Best Actress and Jackie Earle Haley to win Best Supporting Actor for “Little Children.”

I’m hoping that Will Smith doesn’t win the Best Actor award (he likely won’t, anyway). I think it’s because I don’t like the whole idea behind the movie “The Pursuit Of Happyness,” and I have no desire to see that movie. I hope Peter O’Toole wins the award because he’s a great actor. Besides, I just saw him play the prophet Samuel in the movie “One Night With The King” and hope he gets some award eventually because he got snubbed too many times.

Finally, here are my ten most favorite movies of 2006 that I’ve seen, in order of preference:
1. United 93
2. Babel
3. Akeelah and the Bee
4. Water (*)
5. An Inconvenient Truth
6. Jesus Camp
7. Glory Road
8. V for Vendetta
9. One Night With The King
10. Tristan and Isolde

(*) “Water” is actually a 2005 Indian film but it was banned in India and somehow nominated for Best Foreign Film for 2006 instead. I hope it wins the award.

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3 thoughts on “Best Of 2006 Movies + My Oscars Wishes

  1. It’s interesting that you brought up “The Pursuit of Happiness”. So many people I know have watched it and liked it, yet I still have no desire to see it for the same reason.

    I’m glad you included Akeelah and the Spelling bee. It’s one of the few family-friendly movies that’s also good.

  2. None of my Oscars wishes came true… oh well…

    Nina: Yeah, I don’t get how being lucky to find a stupid stock broker who thought working the Ruik’s cube is a real skill, working lots of hours every day and then ignoring your son, and then getting lots of $$$ gambling stocks as a stock broker, would somehow equate to success and happiness. Just thinking about that lost me as a potential viewer.

    Leo: V for Vendetta is nice… except I was a little annoyed by Natalie Portman’s poor acting

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