Words Of A Man’s Mouth

“The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook.” (Proverbs 18:4)

Two years ago, an American traveled to Hong Kong and found a fascinating personal journal from the late 1930’s to early 1940’s. He bought it, scanned all the pages, posted it on a website, and let the general public view the journal in its full beauty and to post comment on each page.

Turns out the journal is a like a graduation farewell book signed by various friends and schoolmates. The first writing in the journal is a quote from Proverbs 18:4, so the journal owner might be a Christian. It’s a fascinating read. It’s full of profound writings and poems. As one person wrote in the comments, there’s nothing like “Have a nice summer!” or “Dude you rock!”, but it contains encouragements to the journal owner like “Backing out of a difficult situation makes one a coward, seeing a crime and not stopping it makes one a criminal” on page 20, or a beautiful goodbye poem on page 51. All in all, long lost wisdom from more than half a century ago.

The journal is now dubbed “Words Of A Man’s Mouth.” I highly recommend anyone interested to visit this website to read the journal.

Words Of A Man’s Mouth Website
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