Brightcove vs. YouTube

Some of you know that I’ve been working on Web 2.0-izing the joyful noise Xpress’ website, and one of the things I’m doing is to find some place to host jnX’s ministry trip videos. Originally, I was going to put the jnX videos on Google video, but I’ve heard too many bad things about it, especially the quality. And YouTube is also considered but lately it’s gaining too much bad reputation. I’ve been researching more about video sharing sites lately, and I found many good reviews including this one. The more I looked, the more I gravitate toward using Brightcove.

So, help me out here. As a test, I’ve uploaded Chase’s recent standing video on Brightcove. And here is the same video on two different viewers, the first using YouTube and the second using Brightcove. Which one do you think you like better?



6 thoughts on “Brightcove vs. YouTube

  1. Thanks. I looked at Revver also. The problem with Revver is that it advertises itself for peopel to upload video to generate revenue. That may not be the right environment for jnX videos to be hosted in.

  2. Brightcove’s resolution is much higher, and it also has a better-looking (to me) control panel.

    The file of brightcove is, however, a little larger. With a regular AT&T/SBC 1.5Mb DSL connection, brightcove lags a little while my roommate is downloading using P2P program. Youtube plays smoothly even so.

     That’s a trade-off, but I think it worths the bandwidth for the quality. I’ve no connection problem with both if my roommate isn’t downloading.

    So.. just a little extra reference for you. :)

    There’s a lot of free video hosting out there. you might also check this two out: and

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