My Music (part 2): Digital Music

(This is part 2 of 3 of my blog entries that will talk about my music…)

Although I started buying digital music a couple years ago, 2007 will finally be the year for me when I will obtain more than 80-90% of my music via MP3s instead of buying physical CDs.

Today my iTunes has a total of 6162 songs (this excludes podcasts, talks, and any tracks shorter than 30 seconds). These consists of 2617 CCM songs, 1747 Jazz tracks (yes I’m a big Jazz fan!), 922 Chinese Christian songs, 370 Rock/Pop songs, and 506 other songs in various categories such as funk, world, indies, etc. There are 750+ artists, the ones with the most tracks in my iTunes are Petra (108 tracks), followed by Vigilantes of Love (107), Iona (83), Hong Kong ACM (82), and then three artists tied at #5 with 79 tracks: The Basics, The Choir, and Steven Curtis Chapman.

At first, I’ve been buying music from iTunes store, but more and more I see the benefit of having DRM-free music (DRM – digital rights management – is a whole separate discussion in itself). That’s why nowadays my main purchases are from eMusic. I love eMusic because it’s got a good collection of CCM including some of my most favorite artists like Jason Upton, The Choir, Vigilantes of Love, and Watermark. They also have a great collection of Jazz music from which I could find rare music not even available via iTunes store. I’m also starting to buy tracks from CheerLives who offer a limited selection of Chinese Christian songs.

Question for you, the reader: I’ll be interested to know… where do you usually purchase/obtain music?

In part 3 I will talk about where to get free audio tracks…

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4 thoughts on “My Music (part 2): Digital Music

  1. thanks for the link CheerLives. I’ve always wanted to know where we could download/purchase Chinese Christian music legally online.  I look forward to your part 3 where you talk about getting free tracks.

  2. Yeah… every year I went back to HK I try to buy Chinese Christian CDs… but most Chinese Christian CDs are very low quality or have only one or two good songs. CheerLives is great because I likely won’t be going to HK this year and also I can buy the good tracks.

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