Easter Worship

Yesterday we had a fun Easter Sunday worship. We had very little time to practice the songs, plus I had several beginning musicians in my team, but we pulled off a high energy worship set. Jon was very nervous so he messed up… but whenever he’s on, his improvised keyboard licks (especially during the song Amazing Love) were so cool. BTW, Marshall has improved a lot on his guitar playing since I played with him last time.

It was especially great that all the kids were right there worshipping with us throughout the whole worship service, and they even did a few skits and sang a song. That’s the way it should be: kids and adults worshipping together. It meant a lot that Ellie testified that her daughter Serena brought her friend to the Easter Egg Hunt last weekend and her friend accepted Christ. Sometimes we underestimate whether kids can have a relationship with Christ.

This morning as I was reflecting on yesterday’s service, I thought that, even though it’s nothing, at least my contribution to the Church the last couple of years has been to help youngsters get excited about worshipping God.

Sunday service is over. Now on to my weekday service……