S2J Productions

Some of you know that I have a side job to do sound consulting with a business called “S2J Productions”. Because of some domain name mix-up, I had relocate the S2J Productions to www.s2jsound.com and I’m about to relaunch the website. As part of the relaunch, I’m planning to write a bi-weekly blog entry at http://www.s2jsound.com that offers quick sound tech tips for churches, including topics like what vocal mic to buy, how to avoid feedback, how to do EQ, etc. You would be able to subscribe to the blog via RSS.

So I’d like to take a survey:

1. Would you (or your church, or your friends) be interested in reading sound tech tips from http://www.s2jsound.com from time to time?

2. Is the 2-week frequency too short? Too long? Just right?

3. What sound tech topics would you like me to write about?

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