Robert Webber

Today is a sad day because famous worship theologian Robert Webber has died. Everyone of us who has participated in worship ministries today have benefited immensely from Robert Webber’s teachings on worship directly or indirectly. His death is indeed a great loss.

In the last couple of decades, our understanding of worship has changed a lot. We started to understand that worship is not about music, but it’s integrated into all of our lives. We learn that worship is not just mouthing of words, but it is an active act of worship in response to what God has done in us. We learn that we need to understand the history and eschatology of worship in order to worship God better today. We learn that we have to be trinitarian in our understanding of worship. All these renwed understandings of worship (and more) came from Robert Webber.

Robert Webber’s writings continue to inspire me and I’m forever indebted to him for teaching me about true worship.

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