“Are Women Worse Drivers?” & Other Stereotypes

First let me apologize to all the females reading this…

Wendy is a much better driver than me. But when either of us were driving, whenever someone in another car did something stupid (driving too slow or swerving around or inconsistent speed or careless driving), our first thought would usually be: “Hmmm… is that a woman behind the wheel?” Even though I knew by reason that that’s a stupid, prejudiced way of thinking, it really happened that, when I looked over my shoulder to see what the other car’s driver looked like, about 80-90% of the time the reckless driver was a woman.

Two weeks ago, a house on the street where we live was available for rent. There were a lot of prospective renters there visiting the house. One of our neighbors, who’s also Chinese, was telling us, “Hey a lot of people were visiting that house, but none of them Chinese… do you have any Chinese friends that want to rent that house?” Soon the house was rented out. A couple of days ago I saw a BMW and a Mazda in the driveway. I thought, “This must be rented out to an Asian guy!” But this morning as I was driving by the house, I saw a black guy in the driveway. And along with that sight came thoughts of stereotypes of what black guys are like……

So I have to admit… stereotypes get me into trouble more times than I know. I admit that I can be quite sexist and racist. Help!

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