Dreaming Of File Cabinets

“The LORD preserves the simple; I was brought low, and He saved me.” (Psalm 116:6)

Last night I was at a seminar talking about saving money for your kids for college. I came away feeling sad. The people who came to the seminar were apparently very rich. The speaker talked about college savings plans, and their questions were all about the maximum (not minimum) amount of money they can put into the plan so they can get more tax benefits. It all sounded like rich people’s plaything (有錢人的玩意) more than really saving money for their kids for college.

After the seminar, I had to give something to Henry, our church’s new small group pastor. Henry came from Hong Kong two years ago to study his M. Div. with little money on hand, driving a crumbling car, cutting corners on daily living standards, and he literally had to stretch his hand to God to ask for money and material all the time for him and his wife to survive living here in US, where he felt God has led him to minister.

A friend of mine had extra file cabinets in her house so we took them and gave the file cabinets to Henry last night. As I was helping to put the file cabinets in Henry’s car, he said, “I’ve been dreaming of having file cabinets more than a year ago.” And he was beaming with a big smile at the sight of those file cabinets being moved to his car.

I thought, I might dream of having a nice bass, dream of going to vacation, but I’ve never dreamt of getting file cabinets. I guess I would just go out and buy file cabinets if I wanted them. Being in the company of someone so dependent on God on his daily living really humbles me.