X-Driven This, Y-Sensitive That

“You have perseverance and have endured for My name’s sake, and have not grown weary. But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. ” (Revelation 2:3-4)

Yesterday I was impressed with Henry’s sermon, especially when he opened by asking “What makes a church a church? Is it having warm bodies in a room with music and stuff?” His answer is that we must have the love of Christ.

As I was reflecting on what makes a church a church, I remember when people got really excited about adopting models for church. It was and is still popular to be doing the 40 days of purpose program, or claiming that your church has a seeker-sensitive worship service. But why are there so many churches doing this stuff, but there’s still very little revival in the land?

One of the banners of doing the “purpose-driven church” thing is that churches should move away from being a “programs-driven church.” But I think sometimes churches become “purpose-driven programs.” And this “seeker-sensitive service” thing has often turned into “man-sensitive show.” None of this really address the problem that people are now going to church as consumers looking to join the events of a social club that make them feel good about themselves.

Rather, we need Christ-driven churches and Spirit-sensitive service. Please stop relying on models, on surface goals, on programs and events to “do church.”

3 thoughts on “X-Driven This, Y-Sensitive That

  1. Thanks for your observation. I see more and more purposeless programs that mainly address people’s needs and people begin to lose sight of why we do certain things in the first place.  

  2. amen… Paul said in I Corinthians 13 that all these gifts and great programs and ministries are bunch of nothings if there is no love(of Christ).

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