Sacred, Secular, Or Satanic? (Continued…)

Yesterday I asked a question (from Dickson) about whether an electric drill is sacred or secular. Thanks to some of you who responded. But before I reveal my answer, let’s continue exploring this issue. Today’s question actually came from one of my classes at Worship Arts Conservatory. You are also welcome to let me know what you think your answer would be.

Consider the well-known swastica symbol below. Would you say this symbol is sacred, secular, or satanic?

Sacred or Secular?


2 thoughts on “Sacred, Secular, Or Satanic? (Continued…)

  1. The symbol has been used to represent something secular or satanic, but it is neutral in just the symbol itself.

    What if Christian is the group who uses this symbol from the very beginning? It wouldn’t santified the symbol neither ’cause a symbol is just symbol.

  2. It is sacred. when th euser CHOOSE to use it for sacred.

    It can be secular or santanic. when it is not used for sacred. 


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