Fun Weekend: Worship Team With Tracy, Yandy, Marshall, Patricia

The fun weekend continues with a great fun time rehearsing music with Tracy, Yandy, Marshall, Patricia, and also Godwin.

Tracy: This was your first time leading worship singing on Sunday, but it felt like you’ve been doing this regularly… I know you were nervous but you certainly didn’t show it… and you did a great job arranging the songs and leading the team!

Yandy: You’ve got to be lying when you said you didn’t play piano for 7 years… it looked like you’ve been playing it for some time… and I can’t believe it’s already about time for goodbyes… we’ve just started knowing each other ja… I feel so blessed that you feel you’ve grown by being a part of the worship team!

Marshall: We’ve had both silly fun times (聖誕節的老人? Huh?) and serious fun times (that was great guitar playing on 同路人). Let’s jam some more!

Patricia: It’s funny… you just happened to sit next to us during lunch time last week and we “kicked” you into the worship team… I’ll send you more songs to help you practice your piano playing!

And thanks to Godwin for having a great heart for these students. This was a great experience.

Here’s the link to hear the song 同路人 that Tracy mentioned in her blog:

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