Trash Can Make Friends

“Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother far away.” (Proverbs 27:10b)

I’ve been living in my current house for more than 8.5 years now. Before I bought a house, I thought that I would take time to know the neighbors. Unfortunately, I haven’t really done that. In fact, I know of very few people on my street, and I knew them only because they approached me proactively.

Yesterday evening I spotted our missing recycle trash bin outside the house across the street just one house to the right. I debated whether I should just go and grab the trash bin back to my house without asking anyone, because I’ve never known who’s in that house. Wendy said I should say hi to the people there and just confirm whether it’s their trash bin or ours.

When I went to the house, I found that the people living there are Chinese, and they have a 23-month-old daughter. They’ve owned that house since 7 years ago, and have been living there for 3-5 years (after renting it out earlier). Also, the mom is a stay-home mom like Wendy. We chatted a little bit. The mom said she might come over and say hi to Wendy some day. So we’ve had another long-time neighbor on the same street that we haven’t met until now! Better late than never, though.

It’s unlikely that a trash bin would wander miraculously across the street on its own, but it happened, and my trash bin helped me make a friend last night. Yes, I need to be a better neighbor.

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