Hellos And Goodbyes

Lately I have had to say a lot of different kinds of hellos and goodbyes.

Hellos: I’ve had a couple of old Austin friends visit the Bay Area. It was great to talk to one of them. But I found that we don’t have as much to talk about as before. And I see that time has changed things.

Goodbyes: There are some long-term and short-term goodbyes lately. Some have been tougher to take than others. I’ve learned that it’s less important to understand a goodbye, but more important to express and embrace emotional feelings about it. And I know that time will heal things.

To all the students in GNCC, have a great summer and I really do miss having you guys around.

4 thoughts on “Hellos And Goodbyes

  1. hehe…那牧者叫’唐崇榮’ ;)
    另一本是’如何為妳自己禱告’ by Stormie Omartian
    …注意…那’妳’字是女字邊…for woman ge le… hummmm….interesting…當買 :p
    親愛的所買的其中一本叫’成長神學’ 英文叫’How People Grow’ by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

  2. btw, we also had 4 people visited the bay area last wk?!?!?
    do we know the same ppl here ?!?!
    but after the calculation… hmmmmm…may not lah ;p

  3. There was a wedding here on Saturday involving someone who used to be in Austin, so it’s not a surprise that some people flew over from Austin.

    One of the people I knew came for the wedding but his real purpose was to meet old friends. The other person has nothing to do with that wedding.

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