We May See #755 Live

Any baseball fans or SF Bay Area sports fans out there?

If you are a Bay Area sports fan, you should know that SF Giants baseball Barry Bonds is closing in on one of the most famous sports record, and that’s Hank Aaron’s 755 career home runs record. Today, Bonds just hit career home runs #752 and #753.

Back in April, we bought tickets to see SF Giants on July 28. We didn’t know that July 28 might have a chance to be a historic date. According to my calculations, Bonds is hitting one home run every 4.3 games. This means that he has a 25% chance of hitting either home run #755 or #756 on July 28. Since July 28 is a night game, it’s likely we’ll see Barry Bonds in the starting lineup in that game.

I’ll be getting my camera ready.