No #755, But We Had Fun

Just came back from SF Giants game… no, Bonds didn’t hit #755. He’s still sitting at 754 home runs. But the Giants won 4-3 on an RBI single by Ray Durham in the last half inning of the game, and it was exciting. Actually, come to think of it, this is the third live baseball game that Chase has been to, and the home team won each of those 3 games with a comeback win after the 7th inning… that’s pretty nice.

We are a “baseball family” at least once a year

On this night there the paid attendance was 43,001 at AT&T park, my most favorite baseball park.

Unlike the last 2 times, Chase is more interested in the ball game than watching people around him… I guess he’s grown more mature now… and he’s cheering and clapping hands with us!

Sweetly asleep, oblivious to all the hoopla all around…

We May See #755 Live
Baseball & Fireworks