Jesus Is All I Need

We’ve been listening a lot to Caedmon’s Call CD “Share The Well” lately. It’s because this is Chase’s favorite CD. Whenever he gets fussy in the car, or when he felt tired but couldn’t quite get to sleep, we’d play this CD and he’d immediately calm down and even go to sleep. And it has also become one of my favorite CDs. It’s a CD with songs inspired from mission trips that Caedmon’s Call went on, including places like India and Ecuador.

Lately, each time I hear this song called “All I Need” on the CD, it really touches my heart. I just want to share its lyrics with you. Hope you all like it:

All I Need

I did not catch her name, I did not catch her tears
But it hit me like a train when her story hit my ears
Mother of eight sons, father off to war
Got no home address, just bricks on a dirt floor
She said, “Jesus is all I need”

Tiny plot of land, corn stored up in piles
The years it doesn’t rain, they just stay hungry for a while
With no fatted calf to kill, she made a feast of cuy and corn
And said, “Who else knew my name before the day that I was born?”
Jesus is all I need, Jesus is all I need

She bragged about her boys, how they’re growing into men
How they learn to praise the Lord: old style, Ecuadorian
But to buy the new guitar, she had to sell the swine
“See my boys go to school on a foreign angel’s dime”

“This world calls me poor, I bore my babies on this floor
But He always provides sure as the sun will rise
So I sing Him songs of praise
‘Cause I know He keeps me in His gaze”

Rain fell from the sky, we raced back to the van
Tears in the eyes of this poor forgetful man
Mother of eight sons, she knows the peace of God
Lord, help me learn to lean on Thy staff and Thy rod

Jesus is all I need, Jesus is all I need
Jesus is all I need, Jesus is all I need

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  1. You know Warren? I think I only know of him. I know their pastor/leader Elton Lin and his wife Sarah. Sarah and Grace are best friend since college. small world :)

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