Interview Stories

This month we’ve been interview software engineer candidates at our company. Just this week alone I’m involved in interviewing 8 candidates. So I’ve definitely got some interesting interview stories to share.

A couple weeks ago I interviewed an Indian guy. I asked him about his last job and he was very enthusiastic in talking about it. So I asked, “Then why did you decide to leave the job?” He answer, “My job got outsourced to India…” I was really trying to hold my laughter at this irony.

I interviewed another guy not long ago. When I walked in the room and shook hands with him, he answered in a soft soft voice. Throughout the interview it seemed he avoided looking at me. When I asked him a technical question, even though it was a simple question, he was shaking all over and straining his head so much to think about the answer that I thought he was having a nervous breakdown! Suffice it to say, his obvious display of his lack of confidence didn’t win me over.

A week or so ago I interviewed a guy and he turned out to be an excellent candidate. We basically hired him the next day and gave him a generous offer. He accepted it on the spot. So the next few days we’re trying to arrange for him to get a computer and a cubicle to work in. Then suddenly we received news that he accepted another offer! That’s so unprofessional. Even though we liked his skills, his unprofessionalism is deplorable. We could not hire people like that.

Do you have any interview stories as an interviewer or interviewee?

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