More Interview Stories

Wow… not another day passed by and I’ve already got three more interview stories to tell you. Here it goes.

One guy wrote in the career objective of his resume: “I want to work in a stable company.” But all his jobs lasted less than one year even when he was a full-time non-contractor employee. So who’s the unstable one?

Another guy came to the office for an interview. He was already late by 30 minutes. When he got to our office doors (our double doors are normally closed), he tried to open the door but he couldn’t figure it out. He had no idea there’s a door bell next to him and he didn’t realize he could just knock on the door. But after standing outside for 5 minutes, our office manager realized he was there and let him in. As is standard procedure, we gave him a written test. He couldn’t answer 90% of the questions. So he told the office manager that he decided he’ll leave since he’s probably not a good fit for the job. So the office manager said, “Okay, bye.” Then he went to the door and he couldn’t figure out how to open the door to leave! The office manager had to open the door for him. We had a good long laugh about this after he left. I swear this is the first guy who couldn’t figure out how to open our office’s doors.

I interviewed another guy. He was being arrogant in his demeanor. So I asked him, “What’s the most challenging thing you’ve done?” He essentially said, “It’s all pretty easy.” Usually someone who gives this answer is either lying or has no knowledge about himself. Then I asked him why he left his last job. Then he went on saying bad things about his last employer and how they fired him because they thought he was too slow. I thought, either this guy was really a slow worker, or they were trying to find an excuse to fire him because he has some other issues. In any case, an interviewee should avoid saying bad things about your past employers — who knows if we hire him he might accuse us of bad things when he leaves? He was yet another unprofessional interviewee. So I had to cut the interview short and told him to leave right away.

Enough for my stories. Do you have any good interview stories?


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  1. Thanks Tim for your encouragement! I saw your pics with the bros and sis in church = )) There are a number of Chinese churches nearby but then I am not sure which one I should go to. Have you heard of

    Chinese Christian Fellowship Church

        3636 Illinois Rd., Wilmette

    Can you let me know more the church you went to? Where is it located? Is it close to Northwestern U?

    I read your interview days ago with Alan and both of us laughed at those people. They are so hilarious = )) thanks for sharing!!

    Hope to hear more from you soon!

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