First Rain

“Satan has an ingenious way of tempting us when we least expect it” (1 Corinthians 7:5b, The Message)

Last Friday we had our first rain of the season, after 3-4 months of a rainless summer. As I was driving my car to the restaurant for dinner, the ground was layered with watery moisture, but it’s really a middle state between dryness and wetness. Even so, my car swerved and skidded a few times on the wetness. I think my car’s wheels, haven’t had zero experience with rain for a few months, was ill-prepared and stumbled on this mere light rain on the ground. It was a dangerous ride even though the restaurant was just a few blocks away.

God reminded me last Friday that, as innocent as rain could be, sometimes the most dangerous temptations in our lives look small and innocent. When you least expect it, when everything has been smooth for a while, it’s the time that we are most vulnerable to fall to some small temptation without us realizing it.

Summer leisure time is almost over. Let’s prepare for autumn challenges.

2 thoughts on “First Rain

  1. From my dad’s 20 years of bus driving experience, he taught me that the most dangerous time on the road is when it just started to rain.  The road has a lot of dirt, like oil, rubber residue… etc, which is relatively harmless when dry.  However, when just a little of water is added, it became the most dangerous driving condition.  (we can draw other spiritual lesson from this :)  In comparison, heavier rain is safer because it got the chance to clear out whatever is on the road.  FYI.  drive safe.  

  2. i also heard the same from a person who works for race team.  and the most problem is not many people have the knowledge of that and still drive like crazy on the road.

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