Bye, Netflix

This weekend Wendy and I decided to cancel our Netflix subscription. In the 3 years since I had Netflix, I watched perhaps almost 400 to 450 movies/DVDs. But since Chase was born, we had gradually cut back on TV watching, and now we’re no longer watching live TV programs. We had kept watching movies through Netflix, but we’ve cut from the 3-at-a-time plan to 2-at-a-time to 1-at-a-time, and now none. There’s just so much to do to live an abundant life than wasting time in front of the TV.

I really liked David’s sermon today about prioritizing our lives, especially the illustration about the jar. You can fill up the jar with marbles, and then you can put fine-grain sand in it. But if you first pour in the fine-grain sand, there will not be room for marbles. If marbles are the more important things in life, we definitely need to go for those things first before going for the unimportant things.

We’ll probably enjoy more time working on more important things in life without Netflix. Sure, when Lost Season 3 DVD comes out in December, we’ll probably go buy it and watch it. But until then, we’ll enjoy the marbles. Bye, Netflix!


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